Little Basel

Art is a shared and collective activity that brings people together and create a thriving community.  The Little Basel Organizing Committee and the Dalton Learning Community will transform the close to 100,000 square feet Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK) campus into a stage, museum and art studio to celebrate art, culture and creativity over a 2-day non-profit Art Festival – “LITTLE BASEL” on 23-24 March 2019.

The Dalton Learning Community believes that Art is not just for the privileged; it is not an extra or a frill. Every child has the right to a rich and inspiring experiencing of art, as it helps children understand the world around them, overcome barriers, improves communication and sparks imagination. Little Basel offers over 20 inspiring art stations, exhibitions and experiences for children from all walks of life in the Hong Kong community to enjoy hands-on art experiences with current technology and equipment.

Little Basel - Future of Hong Kong begins with the first DOT

This years theme is inspired by Art Basel and children’s book “The Dot” by Peter H. Rynolds. A wonderful story where an intuitive teacher encourages a child to be brave about expressing herself; and that a little perserverance and change of perspective, allows endless possibilities. The book ends with her sharing this gift with others, beginning a ripple of inspiration.


March 23-24,




Imperial Cullinan


Theme of


We live in a new creative age where ideas have become the new oil. Creativity is an inexhaustible human resource which is transforming Hong Kong’s economy, technology, and society. By harnessing the young generation’s artistic talent, the city can enable its population to innovate, nurture a culture that encourages new thinking and ideas, and enable each and everyone to contribute fully as a citizen of the 21st century.




Supported by an organizing committee who are like-minded art and education lovers, this year Little Basel is set out to embrace creativity, passion and excellence in art.


CHU Sze Pun Cherry


KWOK Elaine C

LO Wai Kei Joanna
LUK, Candice
NG Sarah
LO Wai Kei Joanna
SO Kin Yan Natalie
TO Hau Yin Eva
WANG Yi Jen Crystal
YEOH Pei Chee Peggy
ZHOU Lijuan