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We have great pleasure in inviting you to take part in this meaningful event through various means of support. Be one of our Grand Sponsors, Supporters, Sponsors in-kind of art pieces for auction or making a General Donation to Little Basel. The Artbook will reach out to a wide readership including students and families of Dalton learning community, guests, attendees and participating units of this art fair. In addition, as a participating organization of 2018 Hong Kong Volvo Ocean Race cum family carnival, we will also be promoting Little Basel and the Artbook there to further widen the readership to the carnival attendees.


Thus, the generous support of your choice will mean much for us. All proceeds raised throughout the event will enable Little Basel to continue develop as a unique platform of community art fair for more children, families, friends from different walks of life in Hong Kong; it also helps expand the library and enhance the technology experiences at Dalton School Hong Kong.



Grand Sponsor


Camilla & John Lindfors


Mr. & Mr.s Lee Seng Huang

Dato' Seri &

Datin Seri Cheah Cheng Hye


Moses & Betty Cheng

Martin & Millie Lau


Dr. Corinna Siu & Jagger Chan

Cheng Yan Ying Grace

Eva & KC Chan

Henrietta Leung

Sandra Mak

Vivian Chen

Family Supporter

Kevin & Amy

General Donation

Bonnie Kwan

Bum Soo Kim

Cherry and Frank Tang

Connie Wei

​Lili Hao

Teachers Appreciation

Stephanie Breteau

Singying Wong

Hannah Kung

Penny Hin

Emily Richmond

Crystal Ku

Zoey Liu


Tsinghua University Primary School

Jack Chan (Under Secretary for Home Affairs)

​Fernando Botero Zea

Lee Sai Ho
Luca & Anita Belgiorno-Netis
Artlam & Jo Workshop
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
Family Partners School
Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book
award-winning author & illustrator Zhang Ning
Royal Elite Management Co. Limited
IPAT Asia Chapter

Xiaohui Ma

Yu-San Kan


​Crystal Wang

Ginny Tsui

Kenny Yip

Yan Man

Philip Wong

Martin Liu

Penny Zhou

Di Zhang

Miranda Kwok
Rona Hu
Tamra Carraher
Winnie Lam
Eva Ying Yi Xu
Kwok Mang Ho 郭孟浩

(aka Frog King 蛙王 )
Nicky Tam
Thomas Heatherwick
Manuel Filipe Pereira
Singying Wong
Bob Benton
Corinna Siu

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